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Marc Daniel Leeds


About me.

Love life, and it will love you back.

a feeling, idea or opinion about something or someone

formed without conscious thought" = impression


My journey in a nutshell.

I studied photography, art and graphics at college in England, where I spent a lot of time taking photos and the rest in the dark room developing 35mm film and creating photos on paper.  This is where I first fell in love with the art of photography.


Then two years of Architecture and Construction education following my other passion: graphics and technical drawing, I received a first class Higher National Diploma.

The University of Greenwich in London was my next stop, my passion for historical buildings led me to a Bachelor of Science in Building Surveying

Then professional life began and three years later I was qualified as a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

A common theme through this whole period of my life was, photography and passion. 

After almost a decade, a voice in my head said “it’s time for a change” so I took a sabbatical from city life, to follow a dream I had always had to live in the Alps.

I moved to Courchevel in France and spent the winter season on a full time course to become a ski instructor.  These four months in the Alps led me to realise that my sabbatical would be a bit longer than originally planned, and I then moved to Austria to live my dream.

Here in the mountains I fell in love again, this time with my beautiful Swedish wife, and together we discovered the mountains and re-discovered life.  I spent two years planning a proposal which eventually took place at the top of the Eiffel Tower. For a whole year I carried the perfect ring from Tiffany’s in my pocket, waiting for the right moment, for my perfect girl from Sweden


​And she said yes!


Life decided to take us on a twisting and turning journey after that, out of Austria,

to Sweden, and then to England, but somewhere in our hearts and in our minds,

the mountains where always calling us back


We finally celebrated our perfect wedding day in 2016.  Surrounded by friends and family just outside our new home town of Zell am See, at the beautiful Schloss Kammer. The wedding was all we wanted it to be, friends and family having fun and enjoying this moment with us,

lasting happy memories of a perfect day.

Since living in Zell am See, my life is and has always been about making photographs. My wife and I both work in tourism, because we like people and love to help them make the most of their time.  I have been lucky enough to work as a tour guide, ski instructor and hiking guide, with access to some of the most beautiful spots in Austria and Germany, which has allowed me to make many stunning photographs.

Running a handful of social media pages, and providing content for people to enjoy has been rewarding with lots of wonderful feedback.  This has inspired me to continue being a photographer, and to share my passion. 

Beautiful, natural images are my personal favourites, and I love to look through my photos because they take me back to moments and remind me of smells, emotions and feelings.


Love life, and it will love you back!

I hope you enjoyed my story, life is a journey, make sure you enjoy the ride.

This section of the website is headed, ‘about me’, I hope this was not too much information, really it is just a scratch on the surface to try and provide some kind of perspective into who I am and how I got here. This is actually the short version of a long story... 

I am just a guy from Chelsea trying to leave a positive mark on the world

and make it a slightly better place.

Via the Art of Photography. 

If you like my style, then give me a call… 

I look forward to hearing about you!

I look forward to making some photographs for you,

some lasting impressions. 

Marc Daniel Leeds .

otherwise known as MDL

+43 660 73 656 19

Marc Daniel Leeds

Anton Wallner Strasse 7

5700 Zell am See



Do you like my style ?

Then give me a call or send me an email

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