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Do you like my style?  

Then give me a call !   

Marc Daniel   +43 660 7365619

Good photographs speak a thousand words, in a universal language.​

My portfolio is a cross section of my work. 

I just love to make a good photographs, and I would like to make some for you.


An impression, that tells a story. Maybe to remind us of a moment or tell a story about a place.

To remind us of that feeling or perhaps how someone looked on a special day.

If you like my style give me a call...

Architectural - internal and external apartments or houses for rent,

Media Content - something for your social media or website

Events, Weddings - special days, important occasions

Corporate - team photos, profile shots, products 

Family - couples, children, grandparents

Pets - dogs, lizards, horses, cats

Days Out and about - capture your day

Art for your wall  - apartment, home, office, hotel, restaurant
Cars, Motorbikes, Boats, Tractors - your pride and joy whatever it may be


Please have a look at my portfolio images,

I hope they will inspire you to invite me to make some photographs for you.  

I am flexible so let's have a chat.

Project costs from 99 euro.

I look forward to hear from you. 



marc daniel leeds

+43 660 73-656-19 

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